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Many people find it quite overwhelming and sometimes left confused after a visit to the dentist. Why is it that different dentists tell you different things? Who is honest and who is just trying to sell you an overpriced service that you don’t need? Are dentists even trustworthy in general? We get it: dentists don’t always have the best reputation among doctors. But, many of us got into dentistry not because we wanted to take advantage of people; rather, most of us were amazed by what a dentist can do to help people. And having that ability to improve people’s lives in a meaningful and tangible way is what drove us to become dental professionals, and it continues to drive us to strive for excellence.

Having said that, it’s also true that there are much misinformation out there. Hence, we created this section with the expressed intent to inform with the best information that we can put together. In this section you will find and explore a growing list of dental and oral health related topics (FAQ and Downloadable Forms should be self-explanatory and only pertains to our office). Links and references to reputable sources are provided in each dedicated page, so that you can fact check yourself.

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