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Although we now have a new name and a new location, our commitment to patients has not changed; in fact, it’s only further clarified and reinforced during this process of transitioning and coming together as a new team.

Respect and Integrity

First and foremost, we adhere to the Golden Rule that we should treat others as how we want to be treated. Every person who becomes our patient is entitled to receive the best care that we can deliver—it’s a matter of basic respect. To this end, we offer ONLY the most accurate assessment based on our experience and available information, so that you can make the most informed decisions.

Today, we have unprecedented access to limitless information—anybody can take the time to learn about anything on the Internet. At ICONIC we always encourage patients to do their homework and seek second opinions when needed. Our badge of integrity is to be completely honest upfront and help patients choose what’s best for them.


Keenly aware that they couldn’t possibly know everything, our doctors engage in continuous self-education, question and challenge existing dogmas, think outside of the box and integrate new ideas and treatment modalities. A career of constant learning, reflecting, and practicing is, in time, what make good doctors great.

At ICONIC, we prefer to work with patients who want to take a leadership role and become responsible for their own health. From experience, we know that well-informed and proactive patients make the best patients—we consistently see the best clinical outcomes that hold up over time. In the end, we aim to become your most trusted partner for your dental and oral health.

Quality vs. Cost

We pride ourselves in bringing great value to our patients by delivering quality care with excellent service at a competitive price. Counterintuitive to some, it’s being proven time and again that quality doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive—“over doing things” and “doing things over” are expensive.

Simply put, quality work holds up over time. This is most obvious when it comes to dental work that needs to stand the constant wear-and-tear of daily use—such as that new porcelain crown that you need—it must not only be functional, durable, easy to clean, but also has to look great and makes you want to smile more. Now, our doctors follow the right steps, spend more time, use the better material for this crown, so it may cost you a bit more upfront. However, not doing things right the first time may cut short the service life of any dental work, resulting in re-work and additional work, which will eventually cost you more. Not to mention the emotional stress and the extra, unproductive time that you would have to spend in a dental chair.

At ICONIC, we always encourage patients to consider the overall cost rather than only the upfront cost: ask yourself, knowing that you are in good hands, getting the quality work that you deserve, having a dedicated team of caring professionals looking after your smile and oral health for the long term—is it worth it to you?

It also takes more effort on the part of the dental team to deliver quality—there’s proactive preventive care, research and treatment planning to figure out the best way; it takes timely and efficient communication and collaboration between the general dentist and specialists; and, perhaps most importantly, it takes a group of doctors who are committed to realizing the best and lasting results to patients. At ICONIC, we can proudly say that quality is being woven into our identity and remains our never-ending pursuit.

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